Mastering eProfiling with Elim Lui

Mastering eProfiling
with Elim Lui

113 GeProfiling is often considered an overwhelming task by both Apprentices and their employers. Elim Lui, the Electrogroup eProfiling specialist, explains that the system can be a simple tool that will be your trusted partner during your apprenticeship. Often we see people looking at the system and thinking “Do I really need to do this?” and the reality is yes.

eProfiling is a workplace skill monitoring tool which is used throughout an apprenticeship by the apprentice capturing the tasks undertaken in the workplace. Without the eProfiling system you cannot assess the progress of what has been done on the job and whether or not the apprentice has gained enough experience to meet the industry endorsed advisory target” said Elim, who first began working with eProfiling over 7 years ago.

“At Electrogroup Apprentices, we are very lucky because we take a very hands-on approach to how the system is used with our Apprentices. I make sure that every new Apprentice we employ has a thorough induction and show them all the little hints and tips to make life easier.

It is essential for the apprentices to submit their eProfiling cards regularly preferably each week and monitor the reports available to view online at least each stage of their apprenticeship. Also, a critical part of the process is that employers are obligated to check and approve cards. An apprentice cannot progress if eProfiling is not up to date” Ms Lui said.

If eProfiling is not maintained an Apprentice will be referred by their employer or Registered Training Organisation to the Queensland Department of Education and Training. An Apprentice will then be notified to update their eProfiling or face of fine of up to $400.

“A worst case scenario is that an Apprentice could be held back from progressing to the next stage of their apprenticeship. This is considered as failing to progress and can lead to cancellation of the apprenticeship” said Ms Lui.
Some of the hints and tips Elim suggests include:

  • When using the app – ensure to refresh to sync data into eProfiling database
  • If employed directly with an employer select your supervisor when submitting cards to ensure they receive an email notification
  • If employed by GTO as your employer you need to ensure a card summary report is printed out and signed by host then returned back to GTO for approval online or organise for host to be linked to your account (check with your employer for procedures)

  • Monitor your progress report and overall progression report regularly

  • Ensure you are entering the correct supervision and support level (legal requirements)
  • Where electrical/ non-electrical work is performed ‘Work practices’ must be entered
  • More than 4 weeks of eProfiling outstanding can lead to being issued a fine of up to $400 issued by the Department of Education and Training
  • Employers should log in regularly to check for cards pending approval to update

Tips for Apprentices

  • Click on ‘Support’ where you’ll find FAQ’s, How to…? and other handy information


  • Click on ‘Support’ where you’ll find FAQ’s, How to…? and other handy information
  • Click on ‘Notifications’ to subscribe to reports to monitor your apprentice’s progress

Struggling with your eProfiling? Just give Elim a call on 3274 1533 or drop her an email at