Course Name Dates Available
Working Safely at Heights Friday 25th May

Friday 13th July

Qualified Technical Person Tuesday 22nd May

Friday 22nd June

Friday 20th July

Qualified Business Person Tuesday 29th May

Tuesday 26th June

Tuesday 31st July

Electrical Construction Estimating Training Thurs Fri – 24 & 25 May

Thurs Fri – 21 & 22 June

Thurs Fri – 26 & 27 July

Open Cabler Registration 6th August- 10th August
Combined Coax, Structured and Optical Fibre 20th-23rd August
Coaxial and Structured cabling only 20th-21st August
Optical Fibre Only 22nd-23rd August
Certificate IV in Electrical- Photovoltaic Systems 28th May – 8th June
Sustainable Designer- Installer of Grid Connected Photovoltaic (Solar Power) Systems (Skill Set) 28th May – 4th June
Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas- Electrical 21st May – 25th May
Legislation Testing and Fault Finding Refresher  

Thursday 31st May