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Employers Overview

Electrogroup is a not for profit Group Training Organisation formed in 1998, run by the industry for the industry. Our Board of Directors consists of members of the Electrical Trades Union (ETU), Master Electrician Australia (MEA) as well as independent members.

ElectricianAs a Group Training Organisation, Electrogroup places apprentices to ‘host employers’ to provide on the job training and experience. Electrogroup is the legal employer of the apprentice for the duration of their apprenticeship. We place our apprentices within our extensive network of host companies who provide valuable on the job training and experience. As the legal employer, Electro Group is responsible for all employer responsibilities and administration including wages, superannuation, tools, college and WorkCover.

Electrogroup provides the electrotechnology industry with quality apprentices. Our selection process includes a career profiling and academic testing within a formal interview. We also conduct an in-depth training induction. Our Field Officers conduct regular field visits as well as providing support and mentoring.

Electrogroup provides ongoing training to ensure our apprentices are up to date with industry requirements. Our additional training includes CPR & Switchboard Rescue, Working at Heights, EWP and White Card.

Apprentices are available for hire range from first year’s through to those coming to the end of their time in their fourth year.

Electrogroup believes that investment in quality apprentice training is essential to ensuring the long-term success of the QLD Electrical Industry.

As an employer you will need to verify eProfiling for your apprentice, if you have any questions regarding your eProfiling you are able to log into eProfiling system – and check the FAQ’s or the How To section. Alternatively if you require additional help you are able to come into Electro Group to see Elim or Gordon Allardyce who will be more than happy to assist.