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Student Support

Electrogroup Training will attempt to identify any particular learning requirements a student has before the commencement of training. You should advise your trainer or EGT Administration if you feel you have a learning support need that has not been identified.The earlier Electrogroup is aware, the earlier we can help to address any access and equity or learning support services that may be required. This ensures you maximise your chances of successfully completing the training.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy Support

When developing training and assessment strategies, Electrogroup Training will consider:

•    the LLN skills of the learner
•    the LLN skills required to participate in training
•    the LLN skills required in the workplace.

When creating the training plan, Electrogroup Training is required to conduct a literacy/numeracy assessment to determine if the student has the necessary literacy and numeracy skills.Following this evaluation, Electrogroup Training, the student and the employer will work together to give the student the best opportunity to acquire any identified language, literacy and numeracy skills that the student may require. If it is identified that the student does not have the required underpinning literacy and numeracy skills, Electrogroup Training and the student may need to consider carefully whether the chosen qualification is appropriate for the student to undertake.

Skills Disability Support

Skills Disability Support offers a range of services to assist students with a disability who are undertaking off-the-job training funded by the Queensland Department of Education and Training.These services complement support offered by Electrogroup Training. For more information visit and search ‘Disability Support’ or contact Training (Government) on 1300 369 935. Furthermore, you can contact Apprenticeships Information on 1800 210 210.

Extra Tuition and Learning Support

Electrogroup Training conducts regular tutorial sessions, usually on Tuesday afternoon/evenings, for extra support to participating students.
These tutorials are designed to assist students with their studies at Electrogroup Training. Electrogroup Training Administration will contact you to arrange dates and times for tutorials should you require them and/or your trainer has recommended it. You MUST participate in tutorials if recommended to give you the best chance of completing your apprenticeship.
Tutorials are provided for students that are genuinely having trouble with their learning. Tutorials are NOT a substitute for students who do not participate to their fullest ability during their time at college. If a student is repeatedly late or absent from class; does not fully participate in or contribute to class activities; prefers to take protracted breaks and telephone calls or texts during class, it is unlikely they will benefit from a tutorial. Tutorials augment training, they do not replace training.

Students are expected to bring all class notes and handouts with them to the tutorial. Students attending tutorials unprepared will be rebooked, and their employer notified.

We also recommend for assistance with Maths used throughout our courses, students use the following websites;

  • the worksheets for each are very helpful with questions and answers to practice.

If you need extra support, once you have started a course please speak to the Trainer, the RTO Manager or EGT Admin to see what assistance can be given.